Enforce Trust Working Smarter

Trust is everything in business. Addressing customer needs quickly, proactively and consistently in B2B services is building trust. Empower your people to meet and exceed customer expectations with a modern service management tool which is agile and capable to meet your high standards in end-to-end service processes.

In business to business services it all starts from a contract which is very often customer specific. It is elementary in the customer service to know the contract of the customer. This is not a problem when there are not that many customers nor customizations in contracts. However, when volumes and customizations increase, as well as number of different configurations and people serving the customers, the complexity increases exponentially. 

However, it happens all too often that customer experience is spoiled from the beginning when the contract is not known by a service agent. It gives very unprofessional, even careless impression to the customer. Make sure that no time is wasted in incident management for accessibility of the customer contract and service level agreements when the contract is linked automatically to the service operations.

Addressing customer needs quickly, proactively and consistently is building trust. All begins from the contract – don’t waste no one’s time and energy for no-brainers in B2B services!

You can empower customers with easy to use 24/7 self-services, but let customers decide how to contact you. From the system point of view, all service requests and incidents from different channels are processed in the single platform. And, everything you need in the customer service process is in the same place:

  • customer contracts and service level agreements
  • customer organization and contact persons
  • configuration of services
  • your people and resources
  • knowledge base, etc.

Transform effortlessly from incident management to a service request or problem management, work with a demand or enable changes, etc. One platform for all processes, and therefore one experience which is enhancing transparency and collaboration in your organization between front and back office teams, teams in different locations, even empowering your partners to contribute to the process in their role.  No more working in siloes and entering the same data multiple times! It will increase efficiency and effectiveness of your processes with a single source of data eliminating information gaps and data errors.


When it is not possible to resolve an issue in the first point of contact, it is important to keep the customer informed about the status. Automate the communication and improve transparency of the process to customers, for instance if a service request is waiting for an approval in the customer organization. Many times miscommunication is playing a major part in dissatisfaction. Or have you ever been frustrated in waiting for a reply from a service provider after reporting an incident to a black hole called ‘support mailbox’?

See all customer contacts at one glance when working with a customer. When you have a modern service management system, you can analyze performance with real-time data dashboards to optimize operations and visualize relations to solve problems. 

Are you striking for growth? Scale your service operations and improve cost efficiency by:

  • increasing share of first contact resolutions,
  • automating workflows, and 
  • introducing 24/7 self-services.

Are you ready to move to the next level in your service operations?

Delight your people, and increase customer loyalty and bottom line. Contact us today!

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Simplicity Out of Complexity

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