Get Your Customer Experience and Operations to the Next Level with Modern Service Management Tools

Work smart to delight your customers and personnel

Is it hard to get an up-to-date overview about your service operations? Are you struggling with cost efficiency when scaling is not smooth? Does information get stuck to different systems and mailboxes?

If you want to work effectively with your B2B customers in incident management, you need an agile service system to fulfill your requirements from ticketing to asset management (customer specific configuration of services and assets), for instance:

  • Effortless single-sign-on (SSO) with O365 (MS Azure) or Google id authentication
  • Flexible incident management with integrated email communication, etc.
  • Asset management (CMDB) to track different elements linked to your services
  • Contract management to implement service level agreements and other terms
  • Easy to use Self-Service Portal up and running 24/7
  • Knowledge base, etc. to enhance your services

These and many more functionalities are provided by the MONITZION Solution. You can work proactively with your customers when operations are in control with real-time reporting and KPIs.


A full stack service system is agile to support all your processes, for instance: 

  • Incident management (“ticketing”)
  • Service requests
  • Problem management
  • Demand management
  • Change management
  • Risk management, etc.

Automatic reminders and low code workflow automation make it easy to automate routines. Visual analyzer is helping service agents in problem management by exposing interrelations between different elements. 

Digitalize and automate to scale your services operations

We provide a selection of the best of breed business applications for service providers. The applications are preconfigured and easy to take into use. Also, we provide integrations and a master data management to digitalize and automate your processes end to end. 

We want to enable SMBs in digitalization by providing top-notch business systems at affordable price.

Onboarding is fast and easy, and there are no minimum user thresholds.

Happy to talk further about your business and explore the challenges – looking forward to start working together!

Monitzion’s mission is to empower small and mid-sized companies in digitalization. We provide an affordable ‘digital toolbox’ for born-global services providers to scale up your business with professional tools. All tools are best of breed solutions providing comprehensive set of capabilities for changing needs of your business. We have pre-configured all these tools to enable easy and fast onboardings without any minimum user or volume thresholds.

Simplicity Out of Complexity

Have fit-for-the purpose tools to scale up your service business – the MONITZION Solution.