Get Your Documents in Order and a Make Step-Change in Governance

Work smarter, not harder with modern metadata-driven cloud tools and workflow automation. Manage all contracts, meetings and virtual data rooms with the same tool. Delight your back office team with the modern tool and empower them to focus on value added work. Speed up processes and get things done in time to improve customer experience.

Contract Management

Poor contract management can ‘cost a million’. It is very common that companies lose documents or have other challenges with them. When digital transformation is speeding up the clock rate of business and regulative requirements continue to increase, it is important to have the back office in order. For instance, contracts can contain material liability risks, which solid governance helps to mitigate. Furthermore, data security is another very important aspect to consider when documents include strictly confidential or personal information.

So, you can speed up your deal closing with systematic processing of reviews and approvals. Close your deals with e-signatures from anywhere and any time. When volumes are high, it is worth to generate intelligent templates and automate the whole process of document creation and workflows. You can also upload all your contracts and documents to the system to make them accessible to assigned persons, anywhere and any time.

Digital Administration and Meeting Management

Have right tools for agile collaboration. Organize all corporate documents and create a dynamic company structure with stakeholders. You can visualize it easily to see relations at one glance. Powerful search engine enables you to find any data in seconds!

In addition, reduce administrative work for instance with the board and shareholders. Manage easily all from meeting invitations, secure material distribution and transparent version management, to e-signing of minutes and task management. Make boardroom work professional and keep your focus on business!

Virtual Data Rooms and Other Collaborative Coalitions

Financing, or other arrangements, is a major project. You will need all your energy to management presentations, etc. to make the best valuation. Don’t waste your energy on document management! Create dynamic views to all stored data effortlessly. You have all what you need in no time! Also, effective collaboration and smooth process have positive impact on valuation.

It is never too early to start preparing for the next round today!

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