MONITZION PORTAL | One-Stop-Access Point

Delight people and boost efficiency – MONITZIO Portal is your single source of all digital resources needed in a role. It is an easy and secure one-stop access point to all tools and data a person needs to work effectively in a role. Delight your people with effective tools and enhance governance by role-based access control.

One-Stop Access Point to All Your Digital Resources

Make your life easier and have ALL your digital resources in one place. Work effectively, also in different roles, with different devices, mobile or desktop:

  • no additional usernames and passwords – use your O365 or Google credentials
  • secure access from anywhere and at anytime – multifactor authentication enabled with two-step verification
  • change your role swiftly and have all resources you need immediately at hand
  • boost efficiency by your own look and feel in the Portal
  • keep eye on the most important KPIs with integrated dashboards.

Please see a short introduction video:

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Delight Your People and Enhance Governance

When change is constant in your business, MONITRO is increasing end users’ productivity as well as efficiency in admins’ work.

Admins can:

  • ensure that all needed resources are easily available from one-stop access point by a role
  • make onboarding efficient and deploy changes swiftly
  • enhance governance by better control of endpoints.

You can also engage your contractors, customers and partners with MONITRO by providing them an easy opportunity to participate actively in services according to their external role.

Work effectively and delight your employees, contractors and partners!

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