Your Solid ICT Platform in Cloud

Growth Strategy Execution Requires a Solid Tech Stack

We empower SMBs in servitization with the Monitzion Platform. A solid business platform is an essential element to build your data driven service business. Make sure that it is not your hurdle what comes to agile response to customer requirements or scaling. In digital-first world scaling companies are often in trouble with their custom tech stack cobbling together a variety of apps and solutions. Lack of visibility across disparate systems adds painful friction to customer service, there is a lot of inefficient and error-prone manual work to keep the records up-to-date in many systems, and data integrity is poor.  In worst cases, compromises in governance and security can risk everything. The MONITZION Platform enables you to succeed in servitization and data driven monetization with the solid enterprise-level tech stack. With us, you can have 100% focus on your strengths in scaling the business volumes with systems and tools fit-for-the purpose.

Empowered by Microsoft Azure

We build on top-notch Microsoft Azure technology with Azure certified partners. There is a comprehensive set of features ready in Azure for your unique business deployment. Azure cloud is highly secure to your business operations and data, which cannot be underestimated considering especially data driven service providers. And as data protection regulation in Europe requires, your company data will be of course in Europe.

All in One

Data driven business is about solidity of the tech stack what comes to execution of end-to-end business processes. It covers all business transactions from marketing actions to financial reporting, and beyond that providing insights from data. If a proprietary app or a solution is in the core of your business, it is even more important to ensure that all works seamlessly together. Furthermore, a partner ecosystem may be an essential part of your business model, but you lack capabilities to automate end-to-end processes and monetization. Hence, you might have revenue leakages and the customer experience lags behind expectations more and more often.

Usually, a monolith erp doesn’t meet the requirements of digital-first service providers which need more flexibility in their operations. SMBs might have an array of different tools in use to serve dynamic international markets and run their operations in several countries. User driven subscriptions and legacy on-premis systems might compromise data security and control of costs. After all, some of the tools might not be necessary if better tools would be accessible without big upfront project investments and too high minimum user tiers. Our multitenant MONITZION Platform is a secure and scalable cloud solution to meet your customization requirements as well as integrity requirements of a uniform tech stack. With our top-tier solution partners we can also make top-notch tools accessible to SMBs which are fit-for-the purpose of digital savvy service business and operations in several countries.

The MONITZION Platform provides for instance identity and access management, integrations, master data management and automation tools. On top of the core platform and the MONITZION Portal, we provide a selection of agile capabilities to run your global service business from marketing automation to accounting and reporting. Of course comprehensive capabilities for service management are provided to enhance your processes and productivity. Pre-configured capabilities and processes of the top-tier applications are easy to deploy, one by one if you wish to, based on your business needs. Of course we can also make integrations to one of your current applications, or all of them, if you find that more appropriate in the current situation.

The MONITZION platform has enterprise-level capabilities and scalability provided as SaaS (software as a service). Due to multitenant model, it is affordable also to SMBs. Furthermore, you have access to the best of breed technology and service providers through our partnerships. And last, but not least – we serve you as a one-stop-shop to make sure that nothing leaves in the middle of service providers as it usually does with ICT services to SMBs. 

Get on board to grow your business on the solid tech stack! Onboarding doesn’t require any big bang  – we can start solving just one issue, your most urgent business challenge first.

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