Our Purpose

We empower SMBs in servitization to strike for growth in global markets by providing top-notch ICT capabilities for SERVICE business.

WHY  –  SMBs need agile and secure modern ICT systems at affordable price to scale their business smoothly. 

WHAT  –  The MONITZION Solution is a comprehensive ‘Digital Toolbox’ for small and mid-sized companies having a solid tech stack of best-of-breed SaaS applications, and integrations and data management empowered by Azure cloud platform.

HOW  –  Get ‘Simplicity out of Complexity’ by top-notch cloud technology and one partner serving you as one-stop-shop.

A solid business platform is an essential element to build your data driven service business. We think that SMBs are currently underserved in ICT considering the best of breed applications and the latest cloud technologies, as well as access to the best knowledge provided by top vendors. Currently, the best enterprise-level software is mostly out of reach due to high prices and minimum thresholds, as well as top vendors overlook small project enquiries. However, growth companies need the best ICT capabilities to compete in customer experience and cost efficiency head to head with enterprises in global markets. Our passion is to change this situation and enable small and mid-sized companies with a solid tech stack to scale their services. We want to make your growth journey a bit easier with right tools and technical competencies!

Our MISSION: Simplicity out of Complexity