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The MONITZION Solution provides modern enterprise-level business applications for service providers. With agile and flexible capabilities, which are fit-for-the-purpose of dynamic services and data driven monetization, you can delight your people and engage your customers. Scale operations cost efficiently digitalizing and automating end-to-end processes. Enhance data integrity with data management capabilities and integrations enabling a single-source-of-truth – manage with facts of real-time dashboards and have insights from data.

The MONITZION Portal provides a single point to managing data and digital assets. It empowers everyone in digitalization and is a pioneering solution to tackle the intricate web of modern work – SIMPLICITY Out Of COMPLEXITY

We want to be your trusted partner to support you in effective use and deployment of modern solutions to grow your business and empower you in digital journey.


Leverage flexible and agile SaaS capabilities as you go. You are backed by one-stop-shop support and development services.


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Modern & Scalable Systems

We aim to empower SMBs in digitalization. Starting from a solid online presence, we digitalize and automate your business needs with a great variety of agile and flexible best-of-breed business systems. 


We collaborate with our global partners to offer top-notch technology at an affordable price, leveraging our unique multitenant model and pre-configured systems.


We pre-configure the systems according to the best practices, hence it is fast and easy for you to take solutions into use without technical expertise. It is your choice – go on your own or onboard smoothly with our experts.

One-Stop-Shop Service

We are engaged to provide all support, advisory and development services as a One-Stop-Shop. You don’t need to use your time and effort dealing with a versatile group of suppliers and dealing with intermediate issues.

Easy-to-go. Modern. Scalable. Affordable.

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