Monitzion Portal MONITRO

Make life easier and boost efficiency by having a single point to manage all data and digital assets.


We have dozens of important data sources and hundreds of digital assets.

It is a usability challenge! The complexity is overwhelming.

When a specific asset or data is needed, it sometimes feels like searching for a needle in a haystack!

People are lacking interest, time and competence to deal with usability challenge – we want simplicity out of complexity!

Virtual Desktop | One-Stop Access Point

The MONITZION Portal is a unique solution to tackle the usability challenge of managing our data and digital assets. It is a managed way to organize our digital landscape. You can have many virtual desktops possessing your different roles, private or work, with different data and toolsets. And, it is technology agnostic to simplify the user experience.

How much time and effort do you waste when you are searching for a specific endpoint to your business software or data, an important website, or any other digital resource online? Does it happen once a month, twice a month, weekly, or daily? Effective use of the intricate web of our digital tools is hard  – especially to elderly persons and work warriors of modern work, or anyone lacking time and interest. Complexity is increasing all the time with the growing number of data sources and digital assets. Cyber security risks are real and frighten most of us. On the other hand, managing our daily lives is very complicated nowadays if we are not able to use online tools and services effectively, as well as we need a unified and easy access to our data.

The MONITZION Portal is a one-stop-access-point to all our data and digital assets. It provides a user-friendly virtual desktop(s) to people who are not tech savvy or want just clarity. In the desktop you have a logical structure and all groupings and endpoints have clear naming. Furthermore, you can customize the look & feel of the desktop – each of them if you have many. Make life easier and boost your effectiveness:

  • no additional usernames and password – use your O365 or Google credentials
  • secure access from anywhere and anytime – multifactor authentication enabled with two-step verification
  • change your role swiftly and have all your digital assets and data immediately at hand
  • boost efficiency by your own look and feel in each desktop
  • keep eye on the most important data for your work or personal life with integrated dashboards.

Work smoothly with different devices, and boost effectiveness with several role-based desktops. Switch a role and/or a device on the fly – not a problem!

You can have a sneak peak to MONITRO from the video below. SIMPLICITY Out Of COMPLEXITY.

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Governance and Efficiency in Administration

When change is constant in your business, the MONITZION Portal is increasing end users’ productivity as well as efficiency in admins’ work. Admins can:

  • ensure that all needed resources are easily available from one-stop access point by a role
  • make onboarding efficient and deploy changes swiftly to digital tools and resources
  • enhance governance by better control of endpoints.

You can also engage contractors, customers and partners with MONITRO by providing easily the set of digital endpoints required in their external role.

Boost effectiveness and delight yourself, or your elderly parents, with MONITRO making life a bit easier!

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