Business dynamics are different with new data driven digital services and ecosystem operations than manufacturing and supply chain business. Furthermore, investors’ growth targets are usually set for scaling internationally. This requires different tools and systems, but usually SMBs need to survive with tools that are geared for much less complexity especially in B2B services and support functions. 


A solid enterprise-level ICT architecture requires competence and is often too expensive. Consequently, a mix of tools is diverse in SMBs and very often tools vary from country to country. There is no integration between different systems, or the integration is minimal. Hence, an ICT platform to operate your born-global business  is a result of evolution, not planned and designed for the purpose. Consequently, operations are not efficient, scaling stumbles, and due to lack of transparency and single source of truth, it is not possible to work effectively in global teams and develop business with learnings from data insights.


Weakness of the platform is realized at latest, when it is time for global scaling of volumes or it is time for exit. Then it is painful, time consuming and costly to ensure quality of data and harmonized operations with enhanced capabilities. Compromises in governance and security can risk everything. Best talents leave if the company is not competitive also in employee experience.


The MONITZION® Solution is a top-notch ICT platform for your business to facilitate scaling of services, delight your people with modern tools and automation, and ensure data driven monetization. It comes with a solid multitenant Azure tech stack to empower integrations and data management together with best-of-breed business applications. You can deploy pre-configured processes and templates of the enterprise-level applications fast and easily according to your business needs. This makes it affordable also to SMBs, as well as there are no minimum thresholds of user volumes, etc. to start with. Also, it is totally ok to us that you have your existing tools in use and we take care of integrations and data management. Furthermore, we serve you as one-stop-shop and you’ll have all the support and knowledge needed to take most out of these tools with our experience and technical competence. 


We want to be your trusted partner in current operations as well as further business development forming a long-standing collaboration. We are here to help you with the innovative capabilities of the MONITZION Solution and make your growth journey a bit easier!



 We look forward to discuss more about your most urgent ICT challenge.